Board of Directors

HSAN1E Society

Board of Directors
HSAN1E Society

Board of Directors

Rachelle Dixon – President

Rachelle is one of the co-founder’s of HSAN1E Society. She is a wife and mother of two. Rachelle grew up knowing there was a rare disease in her family, it wasn’t until 2015 that she learned the name of it. She was a caregiver for both her sister and brother. Rachelle is passionate about advocating for rare diseases and HSAN1E families.

Krista R. Hemming – Vice-President

Krista is a Southern California attorney, co-founder of HSAN1E Society and a rare disease advocate. Krista grew up in a family affected by HSAN1E. She lost her mother, sister and brother to the disease. Krista is proud to serve as the Vice President of HSAN1E Society, and advocate for our community.

Patty Huffman – Secretary

Patty has been the Secretary for HSAN1E Society since it’s inception in 2015. Patty has been an office manager for over 20 years. She is a wife and mother of two. She has lost a multitude of family members to HSAN1E, including her father, sisters and several nieces and nephews. It is her mission to help educate and advocate for others with this devastating disease.

Dan Dixon – Treasurer

Dan has been the Treasurer of the HSAN1E Society since it’s inception in 2015. Dan has 13 years of business experience as a restaurant owner and six years of experience as the treasurer for a labor union. Dan is the husband of HSAN1E Society President Rachelle Dixon. Throughout their marriage Dan has been closely involved in the care of several afflicted family members.

Earl Lindgren – Member at Large

Earl has been a board member at large for the HSAN1E Society since 2015. Earl has seen his wife and three children pass from HSAN1E, and three others from the extended family. For 50 years Earl has been intimately involved with the struggle with doctors and a diagnosis. He knows the importance of education and opening up channels of communication between science, doctors, patients and family.

HSAN1E Board of Directors
HSAN1E Society Board of Directors

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